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Composite & Additive Manufacturing (CAM) Lab was established in 2018, founded by Prof. Kun (Kelvin) Fu at University of Delaware. CAM lab is focusing on novel materials, architectures, and system design and development for addressing the societal challenges in energy, health, and security!




Following lists what "we can":

We can do 3D manufacturing:

  • polymers: PLA, ABS, TPU, PEEK, PEKK, PESU, PEI, ULTEM 1010, open material system

  • composites: continuous carbon fiber/thermosetting, chopped fiber/thermoplastic

  • metals/metal oxides

  • ceramics: SiC, SiO2, Al2O3, zeolite, hydroxyapatite (HAP), YSZ, garnet-type LLZO ion conductor.

  • nanomaterials: carbon black, CNT, graphene, BN, MoS2

  • bio-materials: nano-cellulose, wood materials

We can make battery materials and characterize electrochemical performance:

  • electrode material synthesis

  • solid state (ceramic, polymer) electrolyte and composite electrodes synthesis

  • electrode fabrication

  • ultra-thick electrode design

  • solvent-free electrode manufacturing

  • separator fabrication

  • battery R&D (Li-ion, Li-S, Li-air/oxygen, Na battery, Zn-air battery)

  • supercapacitor R&D

  • special cell design and fabrication (3D printed cell, wearable cell, transient cell, structural cell)

  • CV, EIS, battery cycling, in-situ characterizatoins, post-characterizations

We can make fuel cells and structures:

  • ceramic printing

  • SOFC 


We can make catalysis materials and devices:

  • monolithic catalysts

  • microreactors

  • electrolyzer


We can do electrospinning:

  • polymers

  • ceramics

  • carbon/porous

  • powder-loaded fibers

We can design models for 3D printing objects:

  • CAD

  • Slicing


We can design and fabricate filaments for 3D printing​:

  • polymers: PLA, Nylon, HDPE, PEEK, and most of thermoplastic and high-performance polymers

  • loading materials: cellulosic materials, nanomaterials, ceramics, metals/metal oxide, chopped fibers (glass fiber, Kevlar, carbon fiber)

We can design and fabricate UV curable resins for 3D printing​

  • resins

  • material-loaded resins

We can design and modify 3D printers/techniques 

  • high-performance hot-end

  • 3D printer design

  • process optimization

  • post treatment: debinding and sintering (up to 1800C)

Please contact us for more details.

This logo is designed for CAM lab, which means 3D printing is manipulated by human intelligence. The human is transformed from a swallow bird. We believe that nests built by smart swallow birds using clay, grass, leather, and small branches could be considered as the earliest and smartest composite and “3D printed” objects.

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