3D printed Face Shield

11/2019 Yuanyuan and Baohui attend 2019 IMECE International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition in Salt Lake City 

9/2019 New semester starts, we're having BBQ at lums pond park 

8/2019 SEM images of CNT and 3D CNT samples

8/2019 Student Prasanna Krishnamoorthy finished his summer internship in CAM lab! Good job!

7/2019 3D printing of carbon nanotube Great Wall

6/2019 Intern high school student Prasanna Krishnamoorthy comes to our lab,welcome!

4/2019 Our group members

4/2019 American Chemical Society (ACS) in Orlando

4/2019  Our first group meeting

1/2019 Prof. Yuan Yang from Columbia University visits our lab

1/2019 Atia visits our lab as a PhD Student 

11/2018 Materials Research Society (MRS) conference in Boston 

11/2018 Poster presentation in W.L. Gore & Associates 

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