Additive Manufacturing: A New Paradigm For Material Innovation

materials, design, fabrication, mechanics and modeling, and applications

(1) Materials

- 3D printing with 0D/1D/2D materials

Patent applied

- 3D printing of polymers

- 3D printing of ceramics and metals

- 3D printing of carbon

Patent applied

- 3D printing of continuous carbon fiber/thermosetting composite

  • B. Shi, Y. Shang, P. Zhang, A.P. Cuadros, J. Qu, B. Sun, B. Gu, T.-W. Chou, K. (Kelvin) Fu, Dynamic Capillary-Driven Additive Manufacturing of Continuous Carbon Fiber Composite, Matter. (2020).

  • CAMX Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE) Manufacturing: Equipment and Tooling Innovation Award

(2) Design and fabrication

(3) Mechanics & modeling

(4) Applications

- Structural materials

- Functional materials

Large-scale application:

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