Additive Manufacturing

materials, design, fabrication, mechanics and modeling, and applications

(1) Materials

- 3D printing with 0D/1D/2D materials

Patent applied

- 3D printing of polymers

- 3D printing of ceramics and metals

- 3D printing of carbon

Patent applied

- 3D printing of continuous carbon fiber/thermosetting composite

Patent applied

(2) Design and fabrication

(3) Mechanics & modeling

(4) Applications

- Structural materials

- Functional materials

Representative publications

Graphene oxide‐based electrode inks for 3D‐printed lithium‐ion batteries

Adv.Mater.2016, 28, 2587–2594  PDF

Three-dimensional printable high-temperature and high-rate heaters

ACS Nano 2016, 10, 5272−5279  PDF

Progress in 3D printing of carbon materials for energy‐related applications

Adv.Mater.2017, 29, 1603486   PDF

3D‐Printed All‐Fiber Li‐Ion Battery toward Wearable Energy Storage

Adv. Funct. Mater.2017, 27, 1703140  PDF

Three-Dimensional Printed Thermal Regulation Textiles

 ACS nano 2017, 11, 11513-11520   PDF

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