2020 Fall

MEEG 321 (undergraduate, required coursework)

Materials Engineering

Mechanical properties and materials behavior under static and dynamic loading; fatigue, creep, wear and corrosion; properties and applications of metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites; forming and joining of materials; practical examples of materials selection in design and the use of materials databases.

2020 Summer

MEEG 666 (independent study)

Machine Learning-assisted Additive Manufacturing

2020 Spring

MEEG 467/667-012 

Additive Manufacturing: Materials, Processes and Applications

You will learn: knowledge of materials, and fundamental design principle for 3D printing; hands-on experience to operate 3D printers; make your own filaments; design your own 3D printers; design future 3D printing system.

2020 Winter

MEEG 666 (independent study)

Additive Manufacturing

2019 Spring

MEEG 467/667-012 (New course!)

Additive Manufacturing: Materials, Processes and Applications 


Book: Additive Manufacturing Technologies (2010; Springer) by Brent Stucker, David Rosen, and Ian Gibson ISBN 978-1-4419-1120-9.


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