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Additive Manufacturing

uArm 3D Printer

Capability: laser cutting, FDM printing

QIDI TECH 3D Printer

Capability: printing PLA, ABS TPU, nylon, PC, and carbon fiber etc.

Fisnar F4200N Benchtop Dispensing Robot

Wellzoom B2 Desktop Filament Extruder

Capability: filament composite fabrication

ANYCUBIC Photon UV LCD 3D Printer 

QIDI TECH 3D Printer (Dual extruder)

Capability: print two components and complex structures

Wellzoom auto winder for extruder

Markforged 3D Printer
carbon fiber composite printing

nScrypt 3D Printer
3D Printing (Material Extrusion)
Micro-Milling, Drilling, and Polishing
Pick and Place

Xjet nanoparticle jetting AM system
High-resolution ceramic and metal printing


TL Electro-spinning & Spray Unit

Battery Manufacturing & Electrochemical Characterization 

Mbraun Glovebox

Neware Battery Tester 

Electrochemical impedance spectrum(EIS)

General Synthesis & Measurement

Thermolyne™ Benchtop 1100°C Muffle Furnaces

FLIR ETS320 Thermal Imaging Solution for Electronics Testing

Instron 5944