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Innovating For Tomorrow

3D printing is becoming more and more popular in education as a whole. Teachers and professors have started to recognize the benefits of 3D printing and have begun to incorporate it into their lesson plans, and with the prices of the technology dropping, 3D printers are becoming a viable option in educational institutions.


Not only does the process of 3D printing promote problem-solving skills, it also acts as a motivator for students to see their creations and ideas come to life. For high school students this means they get to do things they otherwise would not be able to do before entering college. This way, 3D printing can help students envision their future and get early experience with college level work.

For college students, 3D printing provides an opportunity for young adults to contribute to the pool of academic advancement in art, medicine, archaeology, engineering, and many other disciplines. Beyond the undergraduate level, 3D printing is being used in the creation of prosthetic limbs and organs, architecture, educational museum exhibits, and many other areas of research and development.

Even outside of academics, 3D printing is taking over more and more. From food to houses to wildlife conservation, the technology is proving to be valuable in many areas of daily life.

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