The principle investigator, Composite & Additive Manufacturing (CAM) Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering 

UD Center for Composite Materials (CCM)

University of Delaware

Co-founder: CarbonForm Inc.

​Research interests:

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Composite materials and mechanics

  • Energy materials and devices

  • Smart textiles and wearable technology

Kun (Kelvin) Fu

Assistant Professor

Group members

Ph.D. Students

Master Students 

Chen Wang

B.S. North China Electric Power University 

Research interest: Machine Learning, Simulation.

Hobbies: enjoys cooking and she is an amateur pianist.

Soyeon Park

B.S. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Ulsan, Korea

Research interest : Mechanical behavior of 3D architected materials; machine learning

​Office : 022 Spencer Lab

Tiankuo Chu

B.S. Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Research interest : 3D printing of functional composites: battery, sensor, textiles

​Office : 022 Spencer Lab

Yuanyuan Shang

Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China

Research interest : 3D printing; Fiber manufacturing

​Office : 022 Spencer Lab

Baohui Shi

Donghua University, China

Research interest : 3D printing of light-weight and high-performance composites 

​Office : 022 Spencer Lab

Jianna Li

Donghua University, China
Research interest : 3D printing of composites for extreme applications
​Office : 022 Spencer Lab

Fulin Wang

B.S. Shandong University, China

Research interest: 3D printing, carbon-nanotube films,

Office: 022 Spencer Lab

Abishek Jerome Rajakumar Premkumar

B.S. Anna University, Chennai, India 

Research interest : 3D printing

Undergraduate Students 

Galvin Stuart

Undergraduate Students 

Intern High School Students 

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Charter School of Wilmington, USA

Research interest : 3D Printing

​Office : 206 Spencer Lab

Visiting Professor

Lihua Zou


Anhui Polytechnic University, China
Research interest: 3D printing
Office : 022 Spencer Lab

Ping Zhang

Associate Professor

Chang'an University, China

Research interest : Machine Learning for composite materials and manufacturing

​Office : 206 Spencer Lab

Previous Students

Gbenga Samuel Taiwo

Atia Rahman

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