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Principal Investigator 

Ph.D Students

Master Students 

Kun Fu, Assistant Professor

Office​ : 225 SPE

Phone : 302-831-2008

Email : 

Kun (Kelvin) Fu 

Assistant Professor

Composites & Additive Manufacturing (CAM) Lab

Department of Mechanical Engineering 

UD Center for Composite Materials

Phone : 302-831-2008

Email : 

Yuanyuan Shang

Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China

Research interest : Polymer Fiber Modification and Functionalization

​Office : 206 Spencer Lab

Baohui Shi

Donghua University, China

Research interest : Composites Materials

​Office : 102B Spencer Lab

Soyeon Park

B.S. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Ulsan, Korea

Research interest : Battery

Tiankuo Chu

B.S. Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Research interest : Solid State Battery

​Office : 206 Spencer Lab

Abishek Jerome Rajakumar Premkumar

B.S. Anna University, Chennai, India 

Research interest : 3D printing

Intern High School Students 

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Charter School of Wilmington, USA

Research interest : 3D Printing

​Office : 206 Spencer Lab

Visiting Professor

Ping Zhang

Associate Professor

Chang'an University, China

Research interest : Machine Learning

​Office : 206 Spencer Lab